Houston General Trading is a multi-industrial procurer of high-quality supplies and has been serving the UAE’s diverse marketing since 2008. The company’s US office is located in Illinois, Chicago.

As a global sourcing specialist, the company sources and procures supplies and products from top-tier manufacturers from around the world, thereby serving as a one-stop-shop for all possible business needs. In addition to procurement services, the company also offers storage facilities in USA & China. Clients choose to trust Houston General Trading because of the unmatched lead time, consistently reasonable pricing and lightning fast responses to requests for quotations. The company is also famous for offering some of the best shipping tariffs for air, sea and land shipping – across the world!

Clients are able to confidently contact the company with their special needs and requirements. The team at Houston General Trading then gets in touch with their global network of top-tier suppliers and compares options to find the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness, quality and special requirements. Unlike other suppliers, Houston General Trading pays careful attention to each client’s special needs. The net outcome of this attention to detail becomes apparent in the form of increased end-user value at the client’s end. In addition to offering basic and advanced procurement for companies across a variety of different industries, Houston General Trading also offers expert installation, repair, support and maintenance services across diverse vectors. This includes specialized maintenance and logistical services for energy and electrical contractors, trading houses, construction industry contractors, military contractors, etc. Prestigious clients Houston General Trading has served in the past include the US Department of the Army, the US Embassy, the US Marine Corps, USAID, Boeing, Halliburton, the United Nations the Kuwait National Petroleum Company, and the Kuwait Oil Company.

We are a multi-industrial procurer of high-quality supplies and has been serving the UAE’s diverse marketing since 2008.

HOUSTON GENERAL TRADING Company is committed to consistent pursuit of excellence dedicated to continually improving our business to provide our customers with products & services that fully satisfy the customer’s requirements.
HOUSTON GENERAL TRADING L.L.C is committed to meet & fulfill customer expectations in a precise & professional manner. We believe in the principle of “Quality Service” by paying close attention to our valued customer’s preferential needs & demands. Our professional team of employee’s possesses the expertise and clear cut understanding to evaluate and assess client requirements in any strategic area of necessity. According to our clients & customer objectives, we persevere in providing excellent customer service & feedback throughout the entire Supply Chain cycle. Our Mission aligns itself with our Vision, as we provide our clients top of the line customer services on par with the best industry standards & practices. Backed by high moral & integrity values, we continually abide by our word to follow through on our firm commitments without any compromises on the aspect of quality from start to finish. “Performance” is the foundation that is laid into each & every one of our business relationships; “Commitment” is the structure on which the pillars of our verbal & written agreements are built on; and “Trust” is the concrete evidence applied in our steadfastness to strengthen, implement & execute the desires of our clients.

CEO’s Message

On having evolved in its operations, activities and diversification; we at HOUSTON GENERAL TRADING L.L.C stand on the building blocks of our motto to make a successful and established business house on the foundation of its “Presentation, Pledge & self-confidence” Over the years we have taken immense strides in building relationships among the beliefs we share at HOUSTON GENERAL TRADING L.L.C as a corporate and as a leader share the rewards of overall “Presentation” with our esteemed clients which have excelled from vendor to business associate. Our success, growth and diversification acquired are attributed to those opportunities and challenges set forth by our clients over the years along with our intellectual talent pool within this great organization which has demonstrated a strong “Pledge” every step of the way. We will continue to remain focused on building and maintaining our position as a corporate leader that will transcend HOUSTON GENERAL TRADING L.L.C’s presences globally along with the company’s principles to run its operations with a high degree of “self-confidence” to its responsibilities towards the clients, principles, suppliers and employees in achieving a rewarding long term relationship.